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Private Property Towing

Has a stranger’s vehicle blocked your parking space? Is it taking too long for them to return and remove their vehicle?

If your answer is yes then there is no need to worry. Towing Queens is always alert to send towing vehicles in the pursuit to help you and tow the vehicle that has caused you the inconvenience.

What is Private Property Towing?

The act of towing a vehicle that has been parked illegally in front of someone else property is known as Private Property Towing. Situation, when Private Property Towing is required, have become a commonality for New Yorkers since most of the times people lack the time to find a parking spot and inadvertently park their vehicles in front of someone else property. This act causes lots of problems for the owners of the property since firstly they are snatched the right of parking their own vehicle. Secondly, they aren’t able to take their vehicle out due to the blockade caused by the illegally parked vehicle. This factor then gives birth to a number of more problems which property owner’s face. So, if someone has parked their vehicle illegally in front of your property then what are you going to do?

How can we help?

Towing Queens has a large fleet of towing vehicles that are always ready to tow illegally parked vehicles. We take prompt actions as soon as we receive the call from the people in need. Moreover, it is also important to note that the charges of our services are paid by the individual who has illegally parked their vehicle and not by the property owner. So, if you ever find someone blocking your parking spot, don’t forget to give us a call.